Recalls for Sports and Recreational Products

Arctic Cat Recalls Off-Highway Utility Vehicles Due to Fuel Leak and Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

Fuel can leak from the fuel fitting at the throttle body, posing a fire hazard.

Diamond Sports Recalls Umpire and Catcher Face Masks Due to Impact Injury Hazard

Stitching on the face mask's harness can fail, causing the mask to loosen or come off.

Polaris Recalls Youth RZR Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

The vehicle’s fuel pump retaining ring can leak, posing a fire hazard.

Pedal Axle Extenders Recalled by Specialized Bicycle Components Due to Fall Hazard

The Pedal Axle Extenders can break, and the rider can lose control.

JetForce Avalanche Airbag Packs Recalled by Black Diamond Due to Risk of Injury

The motor on the Black Diamond, Pieps and POC brand airbag packs can malfunction and prevent the airbag from deploying in the event of an avalanche.

Ӧhlins Front Forks for Motocross Bikes Recalled by Ӧhlins USA Due to Crash Hazard (Recall Alert)

The front fork can break or detach, posing a crash hazard.

E-Z-GO Recalls Gas-Powered Golf, Shuttle and Utility Vehicles Due to Fire Hazard

The gas tank can leak, posing a fire hazard.

Yamaha Recalls Golf Cars and Personal Transportation Vehicles Due to Risk of Injury, Death (Recall Alert)

The front wheel hub on the golf cars and PTVs can crack causing the front wheels to detach, posing a crash hazard.

Technosport Recalls Omersub Scuba Mask Due to Injury Hazard

Non-conforming glass was used for the lens, which can shatter during normal use, posing an injury hazard.

Bicycles with SR Suntour Bicycle Forks Recalled by SR Suntour Due to Crash Hazard

The bolt in the fork can break or separate and cause the front wheel to come off the bicycle.

Colnago Recalls Bicycles and Frame Kits Due to Crash Hazard

The front brakes can detach from fork during use.

Coulter Ventures Recalls MobilityWOD Door Anchors Due to Injury Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Rogue Fitness (Recall Alert)

The nylon strap can pull out from the plastic anchor, causing the user to lose balance and fall or the attached hardware to recoil and strike the user.

ORTOVOX Recalls Avalanche Transceiver Due to Loss of Emergency Communications Capability

The S1+ hardware can fail, resulting in an inablitity to transmit a discoverable signal during an emergency even when appearing to function properly.

Cycling Sports Group Recalls GT Fury Mountain Bicycles Due to Crash, Injury Hazards

The front wheel hub can break and cause the disc brake system to fail on model year 2015 Fury Elite and Fury Expert downhill mountain bikes.

BRP Recalls Youth Model Can-Am All-Terrain Vehicles Due to Violation of the Federal ATV Standard

The youth ATVs fail to meet performance requirements of the federal ATV standard for maximum unrestricted speed and parking brakes.

Gerber Recalls Cohort Knives Due to Laceration Hazard

The locking mechanism can fail to hold the blade, posing a laceration hazard.

Valor Athletics Recalls Olympic Weight Bench due to Injury Hazard

The weld joining the front leg to the main frame can break.

Rocky Brands Recalls Rocky Rubber Snake Boots Due to Failure of Snake Guard

The rubber boots' snake guard can fail to protect the wearer’s feet from a snake bite.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Recalls to Repair Crossbows Due to Injury Hazard

After the safety has been re-engaged, the crossbows can fire under certain circumstances if a consumer pulls the trigger, posing an injury hazard.

Felt Bicycles Recalls Cruiser Bicycles Due to Crash Hazard

The bicycle's brakes can fail, posing a crash hazard.

Pedego Recalls Electric Bicycle Batteries Due To Fire Hazard

Both the metal and plastic styles of 36-volt and 48-volt rechargeable lithium ion batteries can overheat and catch fire.

Trek Recalls Bicycles Equipped with Front Disc Brakes to Replace Quick Release Lever Due to Crash Hazard

An open quick release lever on the front wheel hub can contact the front disc brake, stop the bike suddenly and cause a crash. Serious injuries reported.

Gorsuch Recalls ERTLRENZ Ski Boot Heat Liners Due to Fire Hazard

Liners can overheat when charging, posing a fire hazard.

Civia Cycles Recalls Hyland Bicycles, Aluminum Civia Fenders Due to Crash Hazard

The fender mounting bracket can break or bend, posing a fall hazard to the rider.

Husky Vertical Bike Hooks Recalled by Waterloo Industries Due to Risk of Injury; Sold Exclusively at Home Depot

The Husky Securelock vertical bike hook can unexpectedly detach and allow the bike to fall. This poses a risk of injury to bystanders.

Yamaha Recalls Viking VI Side x Side Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard (Recall Alert)

The rear wheels can loosen and cause the rear end of the vehicle to wobble or the rear wheels to come off and cause the vehicle to crash, resulting an injury or death hazard.

Specialized Bicycle Components Recalls Aerobars Due to Fall Hazard

The bolt used to affix the aerobars to the bicycle can loosen, posing a fall hazard to the rider.

SCARPA North America Recalls Ski Boots with Tronic System Due to Fall Hazard

The Tronic system, can unexpectedly switch from ski mode to walk mode, not allowing the boot to release from the binding, posing a fall or injury hazard.

Rapala Recalls StrikeMaster Ice Augers Due To Injury Hazard

The trigger switch could fail and the unit not turn off, posing an injury hazard.

Flow Sports Inc. Recalls Snowboard Bindings Due to Fall Hazard

A pin can disengage and cause the binding to open.

Marin Mountain Bikes Recalls Children’s Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard; Handlebars Can Loosen

The handlebars on the 2014 Marin MBX 50 and Tiny Trails bicycles can loosen and separate while in use. This can cause the rider to lose control.

Gibbs Sports Amphibians Recalls Quadski Amphibious Vehicles Due to Injury Risk

The handlebar on the Quadski and Quadski XL can fail and cause the operator to lose control of steering and braking.

Hunters’ Tree Stands Recalled by Primal Vantage Due to Fall Hazard

The aluminum platform can break, causing the user to fall and suffer serious injuries.

Johnson Health Tech Recalls Matrix Fitness Strength Training Machines Due to Risk of Impact Injury, Laceration and Fall Hazards

The handle attachment on five models of Matrix Fitness Varsity series strength training machines can detach during use.

Pro Performance Recalls SKLZ Resistance Trainers Due to Risk of Severe Injury

A weld on a ring on the resistance trainer's belt can break during use and cause the resistance trainer's flexible cord to quickly and unexpectedly retract and hit an exercise partner who is holding the other end.

Yamaha Recalls YZ250 Competition Off-Road Motorcycles Due to Risk of Injury, Death (Recall Alert)

The engine of 2015 model numbers YZ250FFL and YZ250FFW competition off-road motorcyles can lock up during operation, causing a rider to lose control and crash.

Bicycle Helmets Recalled by UVEX Sports Due to Risk of Head Injury

Helmet’s chinstrap can fail, causing the helmets to slide off the head, posing a head injury hazard.

GCI Outdoor Recalls to Repair Stadium Seats Due to Risk of Injury

The backrest on BleacherBack stadium seats can fail.

Horizon Hobby Recalls HobbyZone Super Cub S Radio-Controlled Aircraft Due to Fire Hazard

Power supply units and chargers for the HobbyZone Super Cub S radio-controlled aircraft can overcharge the battery, posing a risk of fire and property damage.

Salsa Cycles Recalls Bicycle Forks Due to Risk of Fall Hazard

The bicycle fork can bend or break, posing a fall hazard to the rider.

Felt Bicycles Recalls Cyclocross Bicycles Due to Risk of Injury

The frame of the bicycle could break, causing the rider to lose control, fall and suffer injuries.

Pro Armor Recalls Doors for Polaris RZR 800 and 900 Utility Vehicles Due to Impact, Laceration Hazards

The latch pin can disengage from the latch and allow the door to open while the vehicle is moving.

Hoppe’s Recalls Semi-Auto Bore Cleaner Due to Failure to Meet Child-Resistant Closure Requirement

Bottles have a child-resistant cap that can become loose. Chemicals in this product can cause skin irritation, internal injury or death if ingested.

Black Diamond Equipment Recalls Whippet Ski Poles Due to Risk of Injury

The stainless steel pick in the ski's handgrip can break and fail to slow or stop users from sliding downhill on a snow or ice covered slope.

Ventamatic Recalls Cool Draft Misting Fans Due to Risk of Fire and Electric Shock

The fan’s wiring is not properly grounded, posing fire and electric shock hazards.

Aqua Lung Expands Recall of Buoyancy Compensators Due to Drowning Hazard

The rubber handles can detach as divers are trying to remove the weight pockets to rise to the surface in an emergency.

Cane Creek Recalls Bicycle Shocks Due to Risk of Injury

The shock absorber is marked with graphics that incorrectly identify the adjustment directions for High Speed Rebound (HSR), posing a fall hazard to a rider.

Arctic Cat Recalls Single-Rider and 2UP ATVs Due To Crash Hazard

Components in the front gear case can fail, posing a risk of loss of control and crash hazard.

American Honda Recalls Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

On 2014 Pioneer 700 vehicles, vegetation and debris can accumulate on the middle skid plate, make contact with the exhaust system and ignite.

Louis Garneau Recalls Aerodynamic Bicycle Helmets Due to Injury Hazard

In cold temperatures, P-09 bicycle helmets can fail to protect the wearer.

KYMCO Recalls ATVs Due to Burn, Fire Hazards (Recall Alert)

The fuel cap on select models can fail to vent properly causing the fuel tank to rupture or the fuel to boil out of the tank.

Bad Boy Buggies Recalls Recreational Off-Road Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard

Diminished braking ability with the Ambush, Instinct and Recoil model off-road vehicles can pose a crash hazard to consumers.

Arctic Cat Recalls Side by Sides Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

Oil can leak from the cooler line on the Trail and Trail XT side by side off-road vehicles, posing a fire hazard.

Coleman Recalls Inflatable Rubber River Tubes Due to Skin Irritation Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Walmart

Contact with Sevylor one-person River Racer tubes can cause skin irritation.

Cabrinha Recalls Kiteboarding Control System Due to Risk of Injury

The spring on the control mechanism can jam, leading to a loss of control and potential injury.

Yamaha Recalls Snowmobiles Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

The snowmobile's fuel hose joint can leak during operation, posing a fire hazard.

Orbea Recalls Avant Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard

The bicycle fork can crack, posing a fall hazard to the rider.

NRS Recalls Water Sports Helmets Due to Risk of Head Injury

The rivets holding the chin strap to the helmet can fail and cause the helmet to fall off, posing a risk of head injury.

Attwood Recalls Kayak and Watersports Storage Hanger Due to Injury Hazard

The adjustment buckles can release unexpectedly, causing the stored item to fall and injure people nearby.

Golden Artist Colors Recalls QoR Synthetic Ox Gall due to Skin Irritation (Recall Alert)

Consumers could experience an allergic skin reaction after long periods of skin contact.

Johnson Outdoors Diving Recalls Dive Computers Due to Injury Hazard

Divers can suffer from decompression sickness when the dive computer leaks and stops working.

Dynacraft Recalls Avigo Youth Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Toys “R” Us

The front wheel on the 20-inch Avigo youth bicycle can detach, posing a fall hazard.

Kawasaki Recalls Teryx4 Recreational Off-highway Vehicles Due to Injury Hazard (Recall Alert)

Sticks and other debris can break through the floor boards and into the foot rest area.

East Coast Cycle Supply Recalls Trayl TRN Mountain Bikes Due to Crash Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Sports Authority (Recall Alert)

The brakes on the bikes can fail to stop riders within the distances required by federal regulation.

Cycling Sports Group Recalls GT Brand Mountain Bicycles Due to Crash, Injury Hazards

The brake system on 2014 Fury Expert and Fury Team downhill mountain bicycles can fail.

Bollinger Fitness Recalls Resistance Bands Due to Injury Hazard

The black plastic ball attached to the resistance band’s door anchor can unexpectedly release and strike the user.

Scott, Trek Recall Bicycles with SR Suntour Front Forks Due to Crash Hazard

Front forks on 13 models of Scott and 11 models of Trek 2011, 2012 and 2013 bicycles can break.

Stile Products Recalls Tern Folding Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard; Frames Can Crack

The bike's frame can crack at the hinge on the top tube.

Reebok-CCM Recalls Throat Collars Due to Laceration Hazard

Throat collars have been decertified by BNQ in Canada due to the risk of a laceration hazard to the throat.

SCOTT Recalls Speedster Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard

The steerer tube in the front fork can break.

Mission Archery Recalls Crossbows Due to Injury Hazard; Can Fire Unexpectedly

The MXB crossbows can fire an arrow unexpectedly without the trigger being pulled.

Trident Recalls Ultraviolet Sanitation Systems for Pools Due to Fire Hazard

Electrical arcing can cause the units to catch fire.

Precision Shooting Recalls Crossbows Due to Injury Hazard; Can Fire Unexpectedly

TAC Elite, TAC Ordnance, and Enigma model crossbows can unexpectedly fire an arrow. This poses a risk of injury to the user or bystander.

BMC Recalls Three Models of Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard; Bicycle Forks Can Break

The bicycle forks on BMC Alpenchallenge, Masschallenge and Urbanchallenge bikes can crack or break above the brake mount.

Misty Mate Recalls Hand-Held Personal Misters Due to Risk of Laceration; Sold Exclusively at Hibbet Sports

The 2.5 ounce high-pressure personal air mister can shatter during use.

Paramount Recalls Trident Ultraviolet Sanitation Systems for Pools Due to Fire Hazard

Electrical arcing can cause the units to catch fire.

Cycling Sports Group Recalls Cannondale Tandem Road Bicycles Due to Risk of Injury

The bicycle fork can break on 2014 model Road 1, Road 2 and 29 tandem bicycles.

Magnum and Matrix Fitness Multi-Station Strength Training Towers Recalled by Johnson Health Tech Due to Injury Hazard

The plastic connectors that link the strength training stations’ towers can slide out or break.

Felt Bicycles Recalls Triathlon Bicycles Due to Risk of Injury


Excalibur Recalls Crossbows Due to Injury Hazard; Can Fire Unexpectedly

The Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 model crossbow can unexpectedly fire an arrow. This poses a risk of injury to the user or bystander.

E-Z-GO Recalls Golf, Shuttle, Off-Road Utility Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard

The steering wheel nut may not have been tightened sufficiently, reducing the driver’s steering control on E-Z-GO, Cushman and Bad Boy Buggies brand gas- and electric-powered, four-wheeled vehicles with bench seats for the driver and passengers.

Ontel Recalls Isometric Exercise Devices Due to Projectile Hazard

Handle grips on the ISO7X can break and cause parts to be forcefully ejected from the shaft.

BMC Recalls Stromer Electric Bicycles Due to Crash and Injury Hazards

The fork on the Stromer ST1 women’s and men’s bikes can break.

Fitbit Recalls Force Activity-Tracking Wristband Due to Risk of Skin Irritation

Users can develop allergic reactions to the stainless steel casing, materials used in the strap, or adhesives used to assemble the product, resulting in redness, rashes or blistering where the skin has been in contact with the tracker.

Tektro USA and TRP Recall Bicycle Mechanical Disc Brake Calipers Due to Crash Hazard

The Spyre and Spyre SLC calipers were sold as original and aftermarket equipment on bicycles.

Mammut Recalls Crevasse Rescue Devices Due to Risk of Injury

The pull cord lock cam on the mountain climbing rescue devices can fail.

STX Recalls Shield Throat Protector Due to Laceration Hazard

When struck by a lacrosse ball, the Shield throat protector can crack or break.

BRP Recalls Ski-Doo and Can-Am Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries and Heated Gloves Due to Fire Hazard

The glove’s lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack can overheat.

Rollerblade USA Recalls Tempest Inline Skates Due to Fall Hazard

The mounting holes in the boot and frame of the high performance training or racing skates can be misaligned and can separate.

Sterling Rope Company Recalls Sewn Cords Due to Fall Hazard

The recalled cords break at a lower weight than published weight values.

3T Design Recalls Cervélo Bicycles with Aduro Aero Handlebars Due to Risk of Injury

On 2012 and 2013 Cervélo P5 bicycles, the forward extension mounts can detach from the base bar and cause the rider to lose control.

West Marine Recalls Folding Bicycles; Frames Can Break Causing Riders to Fall

West Marine Jetty Express 2 and Port Runner 2 bicycle frames can break. Bikes are used in and around docks and marinas.

Reebok-CCM Recalls Senior Hockey Elbow Pads Due to Risk of Elbow Injury

Foam padding inside the elbow pads can crack, fracture or split.

Suunto Recalls Air Hoses Used With Scuba Gear Due To Drowning Hazard

The high pressure air hoses can leak or rupture and lead to a loss of breathing gas.

Matrix Fitness Ascent Trainers and Ellipticals Recalled by Johnson Health Tech Due to Fire Hazard

Fire, sparking, smoking, charring and/or melting at the power cord and socket have been reported with the exercise equipment.

Nationwide Industries Recalls Trident Pool Gate Latches Due To Failure to Secure Hazardous Areas

The magnet on the gate latches can loosen and fail to secure the gate properly.

Philips Selecon Recalls Four- and Eight-Leaf Barndoors for Rama Luminaire Stage Lights Due to Impact Hazard

The heat of the stage lights can make the barndoors detach from the lights and fall.

SRAM Recalls Hydraulic Bicycle Brakes Due to Crash and Injury Hazards

The road bike brake systems can fail to work.

Cabrinha Kiteboarding Recalls H2 Binding Due to Risk of Injury

The binding can detach from its base while kitesurfing and lead to loss of control.

Specialized Recalls Source Eleven and Source Expert Disc Bicycles Due to a Fall Hazard

The set screws in the front hub of the recalled bicycles can loosen and stop the front wheel from turning.

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